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 December 24th Christmas Eve  No reservations needed, all are welcome!
3:00p, 5:00p, 10:30p Worship

December 26th
9:00a Worship Indoor/Parking Lot
NO Sunday School 
January 2nd       
8:00a & 10:00a Worship-Adult choir sings
9:05a-9:50a NO Sunday School

January 9th First Communion for Fifth Grade Class 8:00a Worship Indoor/Parking Lot/Holy Communion
9:05a-9:50a Sunday School
10:00a Worship Indoor/Parking/Holy Communion

January 16th
8:00a & 10:00a Worship/Holy Communion-Adult choir sings
9:05a-9:50a Sunday School

January 23rd
8:00a & 10:00a Worship
9:05a-9:50a Sunday School

January 30th
8:00a & 10:00a Worship/Holy Communion
9:05a-9:50a Sunday School