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March 28th PALM SUNDAY
8:00a & 9:45a Worship  Indoor/Parking Lot 

April 1st       
1:00p Maundy Thursday Worship                          
7:00p Maundy Thursday Worship

April 2nd  10:00a Good Friday kids event                           
7:00p Good Friday Worship  

April 4th  Happy Easter 6:30, 8:00, & 10:00 Worship Indoor/Parking Lot
You must sign up to attend-call the church office at 867-4721

April 11th 8:00a & 9:45a Worship  8:50a Sunday School

April 18th 8:00a & 9:45a Worship 8:50a Sunday School  

April 25th 8:00a & 9:45a Worship   8:50a  Sunday School 6:00p HS Youth meeting at church